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martes, junio 07, 2011


educational institution in the faith and joy top class time spentreading the newspaper find. also complete with spelling contestsand writers workshop

edition: the world
Date :27-May-2011
Edinson alexis Giron Murillo



A miracle of life was born 7 years ago in the mother and child unitof the Bolivarian clinic. With only 24 weeks of gestation, a size of24 cm, weighing 680 grams, without nails or eyelashes, hit the world conditions miracles premature girl, a baby that inspired thefoundation that today bears his name.

And not only she has been a miracle of clinical Bolivarianreceives an average of 18 deliveries per day and 580,000 inColombia occur annually, of which 10% should be referred to theneonatal intensive care units.

That is why the founding miracles of life, is an initiative of the Bolivarian Pontifical University and the Bolivarian clinic in order tocontribute to the defense of life from the conception of babies,accompanied by the development of children's early childhoodvulnerable health conditions who are treated in the ICU mother and child unit, the Bolivarian University Clinic.

Edition: the world
Thursday May 26, 2011

MEMBERS: Estefania Restrepo Carmona
Jhonatan blandon vanegas.



Atrato free hostages

of about 200 people held hostage by the FARC for 48 hours in the small village on the river grants Negua, a tributary of the Atrato River, recovered yesterday libertad.los locals came to Quibdo, capital of the department of Chocó, which borders Panama ,custiodiados by the army, navy and air force.

Edición: el mundo
Fecha: miércoles 25 de mayo
Integrantes: Ruth Daniela Borja Vidales
Estefanía Restrepo Tafur

the reception of a baby

in some schools are teaching how help to the babies and how to learn to be
a good mother and a good father. know the help of the babies is vere important
because every one has to be nice with thier.

mayo 18/2011

-Juan David Moreno
-anny daniela garcia

in our country is the home of many cultures including this. the paceof chirimia

I sing rhythms fokloricos compound in which dance and moredifrutar that seen in blacks than with their dancing and singing areculture and admiration among the touristy

catalina asprilla lozano
deisy mena cordoba
grado 10.1

the man who plants trees ...

corresponds even noveladel frances jeangiono ... written in 1953

-a shepherd lived inthe old genesoque rigionde alps in a landscape and desert wastelands dominadopor ...

living in a house with stones an had an ideal plant trees died atfter his family , working to plant trees an give land qhere they lived vidala who was dying because of this , neglect to an day after leaving house was amazed by his good work do... order

jarly veronica asprilla moreno ...10-1

performs a miracle of life in UPB

a miracle of life occurred seven years ago in the mother-child unitof the Bolivarian clinic. with such solo24 weeks gestation, a sizeof 24 inches, weighing 680 grams, without nails or eyelashes,entered the world in terms miracles premature girl, a baby thattoday inspires the foundation that bears his name

edicion: el mundo
fecha:jueves 26 de mayo de 2011
integrantes: Angie Paola Arteaga Diaz david tabares arenas

vulnerable women

according to the national institute of legal medicine inte comprehencive care cente for victims of sexual violence in the prosecution and the mayor of medellin were reported 260 cases of sexual violense againts women in medellin between january and april of this year.

sirley arias moreno

ingrid urrego

1 de abril 2010

news:so treat the poor horses?

the constant mistreatment of horses was the main reason why in2009 the Mayor of Medellin took the desicion to eliminate horsescoachmen REMOVAL by motorcar.

integrantes: santiago martinez
daniela martinez
fecha : junio - 7-2011
edición : el mundo


According to the National Institute of Forensics in the comprehensive care center for victims of social violence in the prosecution and the Mayor of Medellin were reported 260 casesof sexual violence against women in Medellín between January and April this year. In the same period, 1,392 women reported being victims of domestic violence.

fecha:20 de mayo 2011
edición: el mundo

darly paola montoya
fary livelly perea valencia

Friday, May 27 / 2011

In the educational institution manrique Jose Roberto Vasquez inthe students, a seventh student carefully read the headlines of theday and was motivated to write.
periadico by reading not only encourages the habit of reading but also promotes the formation of committed and responsiblecitizenship.

edition: the world
junio 7 / 2011

Lilian Johana Gonzalez Benitez.

news:.. women victims

the legal persecution of violence against women, especially sexual violence under the armed confilct.

Edicion: El mundo.
fecha: junio 7/11.
A "mercy" of Miguel angel went out"competition"

a reinterpretation of the famous "Pieta" by Michelangelo createdcontroversy at the Biennial of Benecia, representing the VirginMary, ptotagonista the work, the work with the body of a skeletonInert and face death.
entitled "compasivo.piedad v dream. " the controversial work ofJan Fabre, "far from proposing a blasphemous or simplyprovocative message, is a sculpture that brings to scenes the true feelings of a mother would

want her dead son changed to"say theorganizers of the biennial.

edition: el mundo
kelly córdoba asprilla
faber mosquera moreno
date:viernes 20 de mayo 2011

May 20, 2011
This campaign was launched in Bogotá on 2 November 2010 inhis dibulgacion involving the singer j. Balvin, actor andcommentator Juan plaboraba depportivo Antonio Casale.

38 women were murdered in Medellin between January and April2011.

according to the National Forensics institution in thecomprehensive care center for victims of sexual violence in theprosecution and Mayor of Medellin were reported 260 cases ofsexual violence against women in Medellín between January andApril of this year in thesame period of 1392 women reported being victims of domestic violence.
EDICIÓN: el mundoFECHA: viernes 20 de mayo de 2011

viernes, junio 03, 2011

Mi parte en el blog

Mi parte favorito de el blog y Skype fue hablar con mis amigos en Colombia. Fueron muy interesante! No me gusta cuando el Skype no funciona o cuando no nos comprendemos. Espero continuar hablar.
coffee promotion.

the " coffee" was born from the union of the national federation of coffee and several private companies, which bring together the heands of the different managenent stage of coffee, of coffee growers to traders, to promete the consumption of coffee in the country.

alejandra silva hernandez
julieth murillo mosquera


creado del periodico el mundo
fecha: junio/03/2011

bands of delinquents move to natives

motorised,desses with white and black t-shirts,arrived the 15 from may.
they went after the nine at the night to the comunity and asked for three natives to kill them,
after that death, many of the 280 natives embera Katios of the comunity met and began to speak of the necessity to leave there.
there was fear, that was worse when the 26 of may other motorised ones arrived both at the comunity looking for member that they had fled and they pressed its families they gave so that them.

sebastian toro
alexandra ardila

facultyof arts cultural center

the faculty arts cultural center University of Antioquia performed the official opening last 18 of may. the teacher Teresita Gomez will offer a concert duets, as part of the principal display. this is located in the race 64b # 51-64, neighborhood carlos restrepo

taken from newspaper: EL MUNDO.

date: 18 of may.

evelin atehortua bedoya.

milady vanessa muñoz

Juan Pedro a little Musketeer

In his 12 year want to make history with his sword.

He is part of the new generation Antioquia Fencers competing in the second National youth tournament and the first child scale of this sport discipline, charied out in Medellin...!

Taken in the newpaper "El Mundo"

By Cristiana Blandon Mena....

Tourist Place

The barefoot park

Is one of the interactive park medellin, to this are people of all ages they want to have fun, because it has interactive games that everyone can enjoy,

In this we find:


-mini artificial beach

Periodico El Colombiano

Heiner Andres Canchila

Child drowned

the child's body jhon harold grove of 7 years of age was encuntra yesterday on the side of the river up to medellin small zamora.el had disappeared in the waters of the tributary on Tuesday afternoon, cuendo trying to rescue a ball and from slipping in imedia Palermo neighborhood where he lived with his family in the humble home ribereña.en partisiparon rescue fire brigades of beautiful and medellin.

El Mundo newspaper
FRIDAY 20 MAY 2011

stiven Yeison londoño
zapata alcaraz

Have you ever been interested in green areas is the school?

in every school in the city of medellin is parkland in this case we speak of faith and joyschool that is one of those larger spac

some models the Diretas advice NosDa this school is that we care for all our greenwings sonaz which we have access because it is what gives us life

taken from the newspaper the world May 26, 2011

sergio posso
henry lopez







cables are ready, but one^s operating!!

at least another mont will have to wait yarumaleños, the cuerqueños and the nariñenses for have a operation of air transport systems for cable.
for thuis reason people have difficulty. Of access roads, not trained personnel to operate the systems, so that these structures remain there without exploited.

Is needed because the cable provides tranportation charges of Panela and Coffe, is also easy acces for disale.

taken from newspaper "THE WORLD" day 20 of may of the 2011

ingrid gomez escobar.
jery bibiana loaiza restrepo.

jueves, junio 02, 2011

typical meals

hello,we want to show a dish that we eat a lot here and is the stew because it has a lot of flavors.
marlon y cristian

Twitter to launch a system to publish pictures with messages

The Twitter microblogging network has confirmed that in the coming weeks will release a feature that will allow users to post "tweets" with photos from the Twitter service itself. In addition to confirming its photo service, Twitter has reported improvements in the search systems of services for photographs and videos showing the results.

Twitter users have been posting photos on their profiles through Twittpic or similar business. The network responsible for the world's most popular microblogging wanted to provide this service to its customers and integrate the service directly between the possibilities of Twitter. Under the slogan "more than 140 characters worth 1,000 words" Twitter has done with the rumors and confirmed that works on its own service for publishing photos.

According to Twitter, "millions of people share their photos on Twitter all day. " It was hoped that the company bet on improving its service to include the ability to post photos. The company has confirmed that "during the coming weeks we will launch a feature that allows [...]

by: Juliana Isaza Flores.
Jasmin Daniel Cardona.

martes, mayo 31, 2011

El Impacto del Proyecto

Me llamo Sandra Wood y soy la maestra de los alumnos de Maryville, Missouri en los Estados Unidos. Quiero hablar sobre el proyecto de Encuentro Bilingue. Hemos participado en este proyecto y hemos aprendido mucho de la tecnologia pero sobretodo de la comunicacion posible entre dos culturas y dos grupos de alumnos.

El objetivo del proyecto fue comunicarnos en otro idioma con otra cultura y aprender de ellos. Creo que mis alumnos aprendieron mucho de otra cultura pero tambien aprendieron que jovenes de distintos paises tienen mucho mas en comun que diferencias. Hablamos una vez a la semana y mis alumnos lo anticipan con mucho entusiasmo. Estan muy animados los dias en que nos comunicamos con nuestros amigos en Colombia. Ademas de hablar por Skype, a los estudiantes tambien les ha gustado comunicarse por el blog. Asi todos pueden participar mas facilmente. Lo que no habia anticipado fue el uso tambien de Facebook entre los alumnos individualmente. Ha sido una cosa inesperada pero tal vez una de las mejores. Mis alumnos, empezando en la clase por Skype, han continuado la comunicacion fuera de la escuela en una forma mas casual y mas espontanea por el blog y facebook.

Hemos tenido unas dificultades - la falla de tecnologia de vez en cuando, el hecho de que yo he tenido que aprender como usar la tecnologia, y la inconsistencia de horarios. La tecnologia tiene que funcionar bien en ambos lugares y depende de las situaciones de la internet y las computadoras, esto a veces no se coincide perfectamente. Pero, si no funciona perfectamente hemos adaptado. Con el uso consistente de la tecnologia, he aprendido usarla y arreglarla mas facilmente. Mis alumnos tambien me han ayudado. La mayor dificultad ha sido coordinar los horarios no solo de dos colegios, pero de dos paises. Las vacaciones de verano vienen a epocas distintas. Las horas de las clases tambien varian mucho. Pero con perseverancia hemos logrado tener un horario bastante fijo. A veces requiere cambios en parte de los alumnos y los profesores pero vale la pena trabajar un poco.

Una cosa que nos ha ayudado es el deseo de trabajar para que tenga exito el proyecto. He tenido que pensar en soluciones creativas y trabajar con otros maestros para poder hablar y comunicarnos con Medellin. Ahora, se ha convertido en una expectacion del curso. Los alumnos de segundo nivel, hablan con entusiasmo de poder hablar por Skype cuando lleguen al tercer nivel. Y los alumnos que ya han participado en el proyecto, tienen ganas de continuarlo.

En fin, el proyecto ha sido mas exitoso de lo que habia imaginado, especialmente en el animo, entusiasmo, y entendimiento que ha creado en mis alumnos. Ahora el idioma del espanol no es solo un curso de la matriculacion del colegio. Lo ven como una manera de comunicarse y como una cosa viva que quieren aprender porque tiene sentido en el mundo verdadero no solo el mundo escolar. Miro con orgullo la manera en que mis alumnos quieren comunicarse, en que se sienten mas comodo en comunicarse, y en que trabajan para hacerse entendido y entender a los otros.

A pesar de todas las dificultades y el trabajo que requiere de mi parte y el uso de dias escolares preciosos, este proyecto si vale la pena y espero continuarlo en el futuro.

lunes, mayo 23, 2011

la semana final

Esta semana es la semana final para el ano de escuela. Cada dia, tenemos examenes finales para los clases. El dia final es miercoles. Pero, nosostros vamos a volver el viernes para hacer skype con uds. Para mi, es la competicion final de atletismo de mi hermano. Yo no vuelvo a la clase. Es muy triste. Pero voy a volver en el tres de junio para hacer skype. Hasta luego.

martes, mayo 17, 2011

Dirt and Worms

Una merienda popular es "dirt and worms". En espanol es suelo y gusanos. Se prepara con pudin de chocolate y dulces en forma de gusanos. Tambien necesita galletas de chocolate machucadas. Pon los gusanos en el pudin y pon las galletas machucadas encima. Y lo comes.

Tambien puedes usar helado de chocolate con los dulces. Aqui tienen unas fotos.

Sra. Wood

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber us un cantante famosa. El esta diecisiete anos y muy bonito. Canta los canciones "Baby", "Love Me", & "That Should be Me". Tiene una alto voz para cantar. A veces el es un actor. Los chicas jovenes ama Justin Bieber y le gustan su pelo. La novia de Justin Bieber es Selina Gomez, una otra cantante.

Cocinando en Maryville

Hola amigos,
Nos gusto mucho cocinar el desayuno para mostrarles lo que comemos. Un desayuno normal seria huevos, tocino, pan tostado y a veces panqueques. Es normal tomar leche, jugo de naranja o cafe. Comemos el desayuno a las 7:00 o 9:00 de la manana depende del horario. El almuerzo se come a mediodia en la escuela. La cena se come a las 6:00 mas o menos en casa. La cena es la comida principal aqui.
Sra. Sandra Wood (profe)

lunes, mayo 16, 2011

William Levy

william levy es uno de mis actores favoritos

el es Cubano pero hace unos anos llego

a la cadena de univision de mexico y se hizo

muy famoso protagonizando telenovelas

como cuidado con el angel,y sortilegio,fue mi novela favorita

de el con mayte perroni. Ademas de ser buen actor es muy guapo

a ustedes les gusta como actua William levy en las telenovelas ?

cuales novelas que ah protagonisado William Levy ustedes an visto?

Mi Actor Favorito

Mi actor favorito es Johnny Depp. El es un buen actor y protagonista de muchas peliculas. El esta en la pelicula Piratas del Caribe. Es mi pelicula favorita.

Tambien si, quieres a hablarme en skype, anademe a mshipps91.